Our Building Project

In 2014, West Hills Fellowship purchased the Emporium in Baden. Being at the heart of the town, we believe this location will offer us an opportunity to provide a venue for the community to come together.  While we will meet there for church once the renovation is completed, we are not building a church but rather a meeting place for groups, families and people to meet.  Our plans include creating two large meeting areas and a few smaller gathering areas.

We are thankful for the support we are receiving from our suppliers, contractors and the Township of Wilmot, but still have much work to do. Click on the plan drawing to see our building plans.  (Have image of building drawing)

Longtime residents of Baden will remember when this location served as a gas station and auto shop. Unfortunately this history led to the property being under a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment due to leaking gas tanks and oil in the ground.  Since we purchased the building we have been focused on resolving the environmental issues with the property, and are praying for a clean bill of health on the property in the Spring/Summer of 2016.

As a congregation we are excited by the opportunity presented by the Emporium, though it has been very challenging in getting the renovation completed.

West Hills Building Project

West Hills Building Project

If you would like to support our effort financially, please use the link to make a donation. West Hills Fellowship is a registered charity.